Mini Fridge in Your Bathroom?

We all love those moments after hard day when we can enjoy laying in a hot bath, thinking only about positive things. It is our way to get rid of stress and nervousness, for a while at least. But, there are moments when even this is not enough; moment when we have a feeling like something is missing. What it could be? Well, everyone have a different answer, but most of the time, it is a nice class of wine or perfectly chilled beer. However, what we should do if we do not have it right beside us? There is a high possibility that we will wait for refreshments after we finish with hot bath. Or, we can stop our “water meditation” and go downstairs for desired beverage. We think both scenarios are bad. The ideal solution would be some kind of a drink bar installed in our bathroom!

Yeah right, a mini fridge in the middle of a master bathroom. We have admit it sounds a little bit strange, but only in the beginning. When we actually think about it, we will see it is not a bad idea at all. In fact, we were so excited with this “having a beverage center in bathroom” idea that we asked people what they think about it. And here is what they said:

Drinking a beer in the same room where I empty my stomach first in the morning does not seem very attractive too my”. I do not know, maybe I’m just not that kind of a guy”, Noah (25)

I actually had a mini-fridge in my bathroom. It was when my mother-in-law came to us and stayed for a month. Drinking beer in a bathroom was the only safe zone in the house back then. So, I definitely vote for this solution. Especially in mother-in-law situations”, Mark (45)

This is one of the greatest ideas I heard lately. With beverage center besides me, I can completely enjoy in long bathing”, Marry (65).

It is interesting that an idea about having such bar in bathroom is more interesting to older population. We have to admit that we expected that youngsters will be more delighted with it, but we obviously were wrong. It is something that is closer to elders. And there are good reason for this. Fridges can be used not only for keeping alcoholic drinks and making parties in bathroom, but also for storing medicine. For example, people who take insulin regularly must keep it at low temperature all the time. And what is better place for this than bathroom.

Whatever we think about it, we have to admit that more and more people want to have such cooling devices in their master bathrooms. One of the leading fridge producers, Perlick, noticed this trend and went one step further. Beside fridges and undercounted coolers, tis producer have a whole line of products designed especially for bathrooms.

How To Replace Your Faucets And Toilets

Tired of paying excessive amounts for run-of-the-mill plumbing services? We have a solution: Do your own plumbing! Here is how you can easily install your faucets and toilets with several basic tools.


It is quite easy to install a new sink faucet owing to flexible water supply hoses which connects the water supply pipe to this fixture. The hoses are reinforced with stainless steel mesh and at both ends they have threaded connections, so connecting the faucet to the supply hose is as easy as screwing these hoses together and tightening them with an adjustable wrench. In case you already have such flexible hose placed in your bathroom, upgrading your faucet usually takes less than 30 minutes. If, on the other hand, you have an old, copper-pipe installation, the job may require several hours.

Installing a shutoff valve which includes a threaded compression jointis the best way to connect your flexible supply line with copper piping. One end of the valve is threaded in order to accept the flexible water supply hose connected to the faucet, while the other slips over the end of a copper pipe and is tightened with a compression ring.So just simply slide this threaded compression nut onto the supply pipe before slipping on the compression ring. When tightening the nut, the edges of the ring will squeeze against the outer surface of the pipe and seal it without solder.


Most DIY enthusiast will have no trouble replacing a toilet if they are familiar with a few installation tricks. It takes only a couple of hours and a several wrenches to complete this task. First shut off the water supply valve to the existing toilet and then remove the water from thebowl and tank by flushing. After this,use a sponge to soak up the rest. Now undo the pipe connection at the back of the toilet and remove the two caps on the toilet base close to the floor. You’ll notice two nuts securing the toilet to bolts. If the nuts don’t unscrew with moderate force from a wrench, simply cut them off with a hand saw.Remove the old toilet and scrape the old wax ring off the flange, so the new ring fits properly.

Now take your new toilet. It has two pieces, but you’ll find the job easier if you temporarily put the tank aside. Flip the bowl upside down, then put a new wax ring in place, i.e. over the toilet exit port. Now flip the toilet upright, but don’t let the bottom touch the floor. Using flange bolts, carefully lower it onto the drain flange. Ensure that the toilet is leaning on the wax ring, not on the floor. Ideally,the ring should compress under the toilet’s weight, creating a solid seal. As the toilet is now placed on the wax ring, there should be a squishy feel when you rock it back and forth. If this is not the case, lift the toilet off one more time and examine the wax ring. If there is no evidence that the entire ring was in contact with the flange, you should apply another layer of wax. In order to fill a wider gap, press a second ring over the first one. If there is a narrow gap, slice the second ring in half lengthwise and push it into place before you lower the toilet down on the flange.

Olivia Still is a blogger, home improvement enthusiast, and online marketing consultant for a number of Australian companies. Currently closely collaborating with bathroom plumbers Sydney.

Why Buy Limestone Tiles Melbourne

If you love the feel and look of natural stone in your home but you can’t figure out the best type of natural stone to use, then you should consider limestone tiles. Limestone is a natural rock that consists of calcium carbonate. It has been used as a building material for many years, particularly as flooring. Limestone tiles have grown very popular in Melbourne as one of the best flooring options due to many reasons. Here are some of the major benefits of installing limestone tiles Melbourne. 


One of the most notable features of limestone is its attractive look. Limestone comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors and since it is a gemstone, it can give your space a rustic, timeless and superb look. You can use limestone tiles to either create a fascinating traditional look or a contemporary appearance. It looks gorgeous in an earthy setting with wooden furniture. It makes an excellent choice for homes in warmer areas. What most people love about the limestone tile is its soothing ability when walked on barefoot; it soothes the feet, the mind and the body. 


Limestone tiles can be used on both floors and wall spaces within kitchen areas, bathrooms, sleeping rooms, dwelling locations as well as outdoors of entertaining centers and around the swimming pool. If you plan to install the tiles in damp places, ensure that they are covered with heavy duty sealants.


Buying limestone tiles is a great investment as they are very durable. Although buying and installing these tiles may be a little more costly than other types of tiles, you will have a guarantee that they would last long once they are set up. Moreover, limestone tiles will maintain their attractive look for a very long period of time. If you are concerned about the possibility of splatters damaging these tiles, then you will be relieved to learn that there are covered limestone tiles Melbourne which are virtually resistant to dampness and discoloration. However, you need to keep the floor tiles dry and re-seal them after every few years. When maintained appropriately, limestone tiles can last a lifetime, and make your house have a classic architecture. When cleaning these tiles, ensure you use light cleaning liquids specially designed for them and avoid cleaning solutions with strong chemicals as they can damage the natural appearance, the texture and the color of the flooring.


When it comes to hygiene, limestone tile is one of the best as they are clean and resistant to bacteria and other allergy triggers that may hide within them. Unlike most types of tiles, limestone is a very hypoallergenic material which makes it the ideal flooring option for people suffering from respiratory problems or those who are prone to dirt allergies. Even if they get dirty, you can simply clean them using the recommended liquids.  

From the aforementioned benefits, you can understand why limestone is a popular flooring option. But ensure that you buy them from a reliable limestone tiles Melbourne store. 

Towels: The Best Gift for Wedding

If you are invited to your friend’s wedding you need to figure out: What kind of wedding gift are you going to get the happy couple? Not that they are going to appreciate it, but still, it has to be done. So, have you thought about towels? In this post you will find some simple tips.

As you know, when it comes to bathroom towels, there are lots of choices, so where should you begin? It’s simple, go for quality towels. High end towels will last for years and years.

Now to the color – If the lovebirds are just starting out, make sure you choose colors which are bright, for example bright red, hot pink or fluorescent green. The point is that bright color towels will beautifully match with virtually any bathroom décor. Well, not any – if they have a traditional style bathroom, go for beige or white towels.

Keep in mind, they are just starting out, so you can’t go wrong with towels – because they need a lot of them! It goes without saying – they will be able to use them as their little family grows.

Selected Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

The ideas of people as to how they live and in what kind of surroundings are undergoing changes. For quite a while the design of bathrooms needed some changes to make them more practical and good looking. Designers are deviating from the traditional molds and coming up with new designs that are more functional, interesting and elegant, yet remaining easy to maintain. Changing times have caused these changes for better. So, if you are planning renovation of your existing bathroom or constructing a new one, here are new designs that you’ll find in the market. Choose from the latest design and take your bathroom to the next level of convenience and beauty.

Sinks and Vanities

Modern bathroom design ideas include lustrous wall-mounted accessories that can easily be adjusted to suit individual height and allow you to have more open space in the bathroom. These are used in conjunction with sleek vessel sinks and fascinating wall mounted faucets, which apart from offering easy maintenance also help you to reduce the required counter depth that usually allows you to increase the width of the room by about four inches without breaking any wall.

Bathtubs and Showers

Stand-alone bathtubs and shower stall units are other new features of modern designs for bathrooms. People are beginning to use bathrooms in a different manner these days. Modern designs create a partition between the shower and tub area, using stylish vanities or “Finishing” area leading to having luxurious “Soaking Rooms” thus providing free standing bathtubs and bigger “Toweling” area. Such designs house the shower in a separate “Steam Room”, which could include rain heads mounted in the ceiling andsteam heads mounted on the walls for the present day fast life style.


Another bathroom fixture that has undergone innovative designing is the toilet. Hat box toilets designed to have straight sides to facilitate cleaning are most sought after these days. The appealing commercial design is exploited for the bath, while urinals come with more ergonomic designs that reduce mess. Up-and-coming trends indicate that bathrooms that have a common sink area by the side of separate room for urinal and toilet are getting popular. Both, men and women are adopting these fixtures for the clear advantages, some practical and other luxurious, offered by them. These are more convenient and offer better hygiene and more privacy.

Design Trends

Emerging trends show an inclination towards designs that encourage shared sink or finishing areas, which though connected, do not form a part of private relieving or washing areas. People are looking for designs that help them to have their personal areas more functional, private and easier to keep and derive the maximum benefit and pleasure from their home. And, manufacturers like the American Standard and Kohler are helping them in that direction.