Aqualim: Cuts Lengthy Showers Short

Exactly how much time do you take in the shower? How efficient is your old and rusty showerhead? These are two important questions that we usually ask ourselves when thinking about water consumption. The eco-friendly shower Aqualim aims to encourage water efficiency by cutting lengthy showers short. After a particular volume of water has been used, the instrument first reduces the flow, and next shuts it off. And if you need more time to finish washing your hair, for example, it’ll reset once it has been shut off. The really great thing about it is that it sets a standard for the amount of water used per shower, and it makes you environmentally-conscious whether you like it or not about that particular water use. When the shower has been has been shut off, most of us are unlikely to keep on showering. The designers behind this project have even conducted a survey in order to find out just how much water is a reasonable amount to use while showering.


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