Arkema Solar Powered Shower

The Arkema Solar Shower is a wonderful outdoor shower concept. Intended for installation at beach-side hotels, in cabins or houses with pools or hot tubs, this stylish shower is a very cool way to get clean. Perhaps the best part is the fact that there is even a solar powered model! It’s generating a small buzz in the green blogosphere as an amazing way to take a shower. On the other hand, there is just one small problem. The shower can be solar powered; however that does not mean this is a solar shower, and it is not eco friendly shower. It is not without a wonderful sense of style, as Earthtechling points out the usual solar shower looks like the bag you might pull out of your handy box o’ wine, with an installed hose, and is about as stylish. As a matter of fact, that is the real solar shower in this case. The Arkema model looks amazing however it is not actually solar powered.




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