Aromatherapy Shower Head for Modern Bathrooms

We believe that the Medical Shower is an amazing product. Actually what the Medical Shower does, is it gives its users the best herbal bath ever. It uses Chinese Herbs in a teabagesque sachet. The thing is that not all of us have the opportunity of taking a soak in aromatherapies and expensive essential oils, so this shower head is the next best thing you can afford for some self indulgence. Its worth mentioning that the Medical Shower is the IDEA 2011 Winner. It is designer by Messizon Li + Mang Xia + Tian Tan + Xiaoneng Jin + Linghan Liu + Xin Sun + Fangtian Ying + Shijian Luo + Yiwu Qiu + Ke Li + Fan Yang + Qingyuan Chen + Shiyi Shao + Yi Liu + Sisi Yuan + Zhening Luo

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