Basin Faucet by ISMA

Today we bring you an adorable basin faucet which lets users know precisely what is going on with cold and hot water. But how is that possible, you ask? Don’t be afraid, take a look! It isn’t one of those newfangled digital display kinds of things, oh no! This is simply amazing creative design. Across the head of the faucet one can see a couple of paths, one for hot and the other one for cold water. As they meet at the tip of the spout, a magical combination brings you warm. This lovely design comes equipped with an ergonomically mounting system also known as ISMAFIX which enables virtually anyone the ability and sound environment they need to install the faucet all by them. Everything one has to do is insert the exposed brass part in the faucet hole, put the seals around, turn the blue ISMAFIX tool until in order to secure the faucet in place, and all done!

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