Bathroom Accessories by Galassia

You could say these fun bathroom accessories have a hand up. ‘Meg11’ is a collection of unique bath accessories by Galassia. Although they can not help you with all the bathroom activities, they can hold a soap, toilet paper and towels where you need them. Manufactured out of bleached ceramic, they have an elegant and simple design. Inspired by nature, but finished with modern flair, they take the form of branches and hands, bringing a bit of humor to a non-elaborate latrine. Trendy, minimalist white ceramic stays true to a classical bathroom favorite however their motifs are completely new and unexpected. Soap dishes actually take the form of an outstretched hand. The toilet-paper holders are modeled after a hand gripping a stick and pulls and hooks become branches with a contemporary appeal. Regardless of whether your bathroom is maximalist in color, materials and textures or minimalist white, these beautiful bath accessories are a wonderful complement. Galassia ‘Meg11’ Washroom Accessories are sure useful restroom attendants.

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