Beautiful Elegant Designer Faucet

Have you ever come up on a beautifully designed elegant stainless steel faucet and thought – just a second, where’re the faucet handles? But how does it work? Even after decades of motion-sensor technology being used in faucets in public restrooms all over the world? Behind this interesting project is Daniel David Sutherland. In order to convey instantly the way this concept works, designer placed a human hand impression right in the center of the bowl. So what do you actually have to do? Just place hand there and enjoy. What’s more, the bulk of the faucet is well hidden behind the bowl, preventing the user from focusing on it instead of the hand washing. Many motion sensor faucets are quite confusing since when the faucet is the center of attention than the user thinks they have got to interact with it by touching it in order to turn it on. By concealing the motion sensing component under it, any concerns of unsolicited washroom surveillance are averted as well.

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