Beautiful Wood & Steel Lady X Bathtub by Axolo

Eye-catching Lady X Bathtub not only features a unique name. It boasts of a very tranquilizing design as well. Designed by 3 well known designers – Fabrizio Proserpio, Giovanni Ronzoni, and Luisa Frigerio for Axolo, this modern high-end tub redefines existing rules and patterns. It’s basically a designer’s masterpiece. Using 2 contrasting materials, i.e. stainless steel and wood, this modern bathtub is daring, provocative and quite interesting. Breaking away from signature bathtub materials layouts, this piece of bathroom décor comes with integrated filler, comfortable headrest, and bookstand panel. It is also geared up with thermo insulation foam along with aluminum panels for an improved bathing experience. We say that it’s a design that truly kicked!

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