Best Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures for Modern Bathrooms

These days it’s not enough to clean yourself with some shower gel. Bathing has become an all encompassing experience due to the luxurious cleansing creations which have been launched on the market in the last several years. Much a bathroom décor statement piece, each one of these shower enclosures illustrates a specific aspect of your individuality. The Studio Paris collection, for instance, showcases your extreme commitment to aesthetics. And the Cromobox LED shower doors are perfect for a Star Trek fan. So if you are planning to transform your bathroom into a modern oasis, you should check out these shower enclosures.

Elegant Shower Enclosures

Mastella Italy designs and produces some of the best shower enclosures on the market. And the Sogno is a shower enclosure designed with a leaf in mid. Its glass walls are etched with a drift of falling leaves that resemble stars. The Sogno needs a large bathroom to enjoy its beauty. Set in a modern high-floor Manhattan apartment the Sogno would let you enjoy the breathtaking views of the city below while experiencing a feeling of the Mother Earth inside your bathroom. Mastella

Frameless Shower Enclosures

You can transform any bath into a place of relaxation with this truly beautiful Hueppe’s shower enclosures. The Studio Paris glass shower enclosure line is customizable not only in terms of look, but layout as well. Suitable for both small and large bathrooms, with its unique design, the Studio Paris will suit any modern bath. A wide selection of patterns is available; what’s more, you can create your own! Hueppe

LED Shower Enclosure Lights

These ultra modern Cromobox LED shower doors by Antonio Lupi are a must have for Star Trek fans. Vibrant colors illuminate the mosaic pattern on the doors for a truly one-of-a-kind and ambiance-changing chromo-therapy shower experience. Picture beginning your day with a cool red shower, or ending the evening with a revitalizing blue cascade. Antonio Lupi

Luxurious Shower Enclosure

The Maax’s Mechanix & Purfect Shower Door collection features beautiful frameless shower doors. The design is contemporary, with luxurious touches throughout. Best of all, the doors provide a friction-free & noise-free environment when the user is in the shower. With ten millimeter thick tempered glass, this collection will make any bathroom sparkle. Maax

Corner Shower Enclosure

This cool and funky BMood’s shower lets its users experience a true feeling of freedom during each shower. The eye-catching clear glass doors are available in colours of the rainbow to perfectly suit any bathroom. They stretch open with a smooth swiveling motion. It’s just great for corner installation – of course, it can be used in centre wall installation too. BMood

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