Calla Lily Bathroom by Mastella

Inspired by the beautiful calla lily, this trendy contemporary bathroom was created by architect Oriano Favaretto from an italian bath furniture manufacturer Mastella. A splendid matching sanitary-ware and bath set that’s like no other in terms of exquisite design. In much the same way that leaves of lilies curve up and around, growing in width as they get higher, the basin in this bathroom has pretty much the same look. Instead of featuring only one flat surface all the way around as in standard basin pedestals, there’s an overlapping effect, giving the pedestal the same look as an amazing lily. The overlapping of leaves effect can be seen in the free-standing slipper bath as well, in the simple way the rim separates at one point, slopes downwards and departs. Slipper baths are generally associated with standard bathrooms. On the other hand, the modern and unorthodox appeal of this tub means it would be a wonderful addition to almost any contemporary bathroom.

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