Modern Bathroom Vanity by Robern

Vanity is a sin many of us all guilty off and the astute designers of Robern know this. Today we bring you their amazing modern 24’’ vanity which has been created solely for the powder room or bathroom. It can be found in a couple of incarnations. It features a solid aluminum construction and is durable enough to resist everyday abuse. Due to the fact that this bathroom brand recognizes the significance of impressing, they have ensured that this vanity models do not lost their primordial qualities and so the inclusion of soft-close drawers.

Dark Walnut Bathroom Furniture by Toto

Famous bathroom furniture manufacturer Toto is bringing nature back to the bathroom with its amazing release, the NC Collection bathroom furniture. Manufactured out of beautiful natural-finish dark walnut, these matching cabinets and counters welcome the wood’s grain and have smoothly rounded edges for a truly wonderful appearance. They look amazing if matched with stylish, modern materials characteristic of contemporary bathrooms – glass, chrome and marble. The contrast only deepens the organic appeal of these pieces that have storage for all essentials. In case you like the shape however still prefer a much more modern look, these cabinets and counters can be found in a glossy-white finish.

Bathroom Vanity and Cabinets by Burgbad

Today we bring you cool contemporary rounded bathroom vanity and cabinets from Burgbad. This spa-inspired, Zen line has smoothly curved corners which lend your bathroom a soft aesthetic along with a relaxed atmosphere. Get the unique look you see in popular bathroom design magazines with highly-ergonomic features built-in for convenient use. These cabinets and vanity put all your bathroom necessities such as lotions, soaps and towels at hand, but still stashed neatly out of the way for an uncluttered, simple look. Make the most of each and every inch of limited bathroom space with these intelligent and trendy storage solutions.

Bathroom Illuminated Mirror Cabinet by Hastings

This illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet from Hastings fulfils plenty of functions and also adding a minimalist however beautiful focal point. The cabinet door is cut in the center in order to reveal a circular window for the mirror. Swing-open the door and there’re a couple of glass shelves for all daily necessities, out of sight but within easy reach. Regardless of whether modern or classical, big or tiny, this mirror’s simple design will match each and every bathroom. What’s more, we truly like the syper-stylish twist – integrated illumination. So when you start applying make-up or shaving with this mirror, you will wonder how you ever survived without one.

Full Length Mirror Cabinet by Robern

These full length mirror cabinets from well known bathroom brand Robern are definitely some of the most stylish we have seen. This M Series mirror cabinet has a beautiful modular design which lets you customize it to perfectly match your interior in almost limitless combinations. Pick from a palette of textures and colors. Inside, the cabinet has a place for each and every bathroom necessity, out of sight however always at hand. The cabinet is equipped with electrical options in order to fit a light, radio or MP3 player, shaver, hairdryer and basically everything else which needs some juice to get going. Perfect for tiny spaces where storage is scarce, this full-length cabinet mirror brings style and ergonomics to the bathroom, and restores a little order into a hectic routine.