Bathroom Hardware by Designer Drains

Inside any bathroom, drain deserves a bit of luxury as well. This super-fancy decorative bathroom hardware by Designer Drains makes this generally overlooked element a real standout feature. These round covers look like ornaments for the bathroom, with one-of-a-kind patterns which go from modern to architectural to stylish. However there is even more to these drains than you can see. These ‘green’ shower drains are made out of reclaimed .060’’ thick 304 Stainless Steel and their main philosophy is: ‘Assisting the environment, one shower at a time.’ For all of you eco-conscious buyers out there, no PVC and plastic is used in the production process.

Cool Shower Drains by California Faucets

It’s true that many of us don’t actually cares about shower drains. However, that does not necessarily mean that we must take this piece of decorative hardware for granted. There are many great bathroom drain covers on the market. And the StyleDrain line of drains by California Faucets will match any modern or traditional style bathroom. So keep in mind, when choosing bathroom hardware, besides function, design too should be a key consideration.

Shower Drain by ACO Haustechnik

This drain is a part of ShowerDrain E-line collection of bathroom drains by ACO Haustechnik. It consists of the shower-board and three substructure elements meant for inserting the channel. This rigid foam shower tray featuring built-in shower channel comes ready for installation. It’s ready for covering with floor level tiles and is coated with water impermeable fleece. It features a fleece overlap in order to safely seal the transitions to both your bathroom wall & floor. Perhaps most importantly, the shower-board can be shortened to desired dimensions. In case the tiles are at least 50 by 50 millimeters, it’s wheelchair accessible.

Shower Drain by ACO Haustechnik

The angled, straight and round versions of the ACO ShowerDrain E-line shower channels can be supplied with stylish green lighting. The ACO ShowerDrain Lightline LED module can be found in rainbow, blue or red. The control of the lighting is surprisingly simple. Once enough water has accumulated in the channel, the switching circuit connects to the contacts on the LED modules and the LEDs turn on. The lighting switches off again after a few minutes once no further water drains into the channel. In case the shower is used for fifteen minutes every day, the batteries will require recharging after approximately 90 days.

Shower Drains by Kessel

The Kessel Linearis shower channels represent a sophisticated and minimalist alternative to a generally forgotten element that was not even a problem. Nonetheless, now they have become an important bathroom accessory, a design feature and the crucial stone to a simply furnished bathroom interior. These designer shower drains are barely present therefore mixing advance technology and aesthetics. They can be found in a wide range, from dark and rough tile finishes to warm end classy Burl or Wenge wood to glamorous glittering or illuminated designs with Swarovski crystals and glass inserts.