Water Saving Toilets by Jose Genovés

Jose Genovés designed the Natura, a toilet which adapts to male and female urination and defecation, lessening water usage by up to amazing sixty percent. The designer created it having in mind the fact that different kinds of waste require different amounts of water. For defecation, it increases the water consumption from 4.5l all the way to six to flush away stored toilet paper. For female urination, the urine is disposed through a separate environmentally-friendly siphon that uses just a 1/2l of water. For male urination, it provides a male urinal built-in into the design. The urinal disposes the urine with just a 1/2l of water, saving thirty percent of the water used by standard bathroom toilets for the very same purpose.

Wall Mounted Faucet by GROHE

Created to be the most convenient water-saving modular bathroom faucet, the Ondus Digitecture defines the connection between innovative hi-tech and industrial design. This line is made on a 5 by 5 centimeter grid system, enabling designers with total freedom. You will be able to easily program your desired mix of pressure & water temperature that at the simple press of a button will be programmed for the next time you use it. There’s a pause setting as well, to temporarily stop the water; a great feature for when you‘re shampooing hair. Saving not only water but also time, Ondus Digitecture is a fine example of bathroom space age technology.

Water Saving Shower Heads by CSIRO

We know we have to go ‘green’, save resources and basically sacrifice practicality. On the other hand, how about if you had a practical and eco-friendly product. This innovative water saving gadget adds air into the middle of water drops right inside an existing shower head, churning the spray thus it aerates naturally. Therefore, users have the feeling of using a full-power shower and at the same time wasting a 1/3 less water. Cool, right?!

Eco Friendly Faucet by Han Chanhee

This eco friendly designer faucet is designed to minimize the water wastage. Its creator, Han Chanhee has been announced the winner of red dot design awards 2010. This faucet by the name SEESAW works like the up-and-down action of a seesaw. Created in such a way that when the soap dispenser is pushed down from the neutral position in order to release soap, the tap on the other side gets raised up and the water doesn’t flow down. It is calculated that about six liters per thirty seconds water gets wasted in the simple process of washing hands. Luckily, this piece is created with water saving in mind. The trendy intelligent faucet helps its users conserve water that otherwise goes down the drain while the user applies soap to his or her hands. It is a design for now. On the other hand, we would like to see it in our eco friendly bathrooms.

Eco Friendly Bathroom Design by Yonoh

This interesting and beautiful modular bathroom design is a project of Yonoh, a Spanish design company. Consists out of 5 modular components, it can simply be transferred from one location to another and reassembled with ease. It features all the convenience and features of a traditional bathroom, with the added feature of being mobile. There’s a water tank that comes with it for the shower, WC and basin. Electricity supply is required for temperature control in the shower and for the taps that are automatically controlled as well. A bathroom such as this one is a perfect choice for bands and sports teams who’re frequently on the road.