Mini Fridge in Your Bathroom?

We all love those moments after hard day when we can enjoy laying in a hot bath, thinking only about positive things. It is our way to get rid of stress and nervousness, for a while at least. But, there are moments when even this is not enough; moment when we have a feeling like something is missing. What it could be? Well, everyone have a different answer, but most of the time, it is a nice class of wine or perfectly chilled beer. However, what we should do if we do not have it right beside us? There is a high possibility that we will wait for refreshments after we finish with hot bath. Or, we can stop our “water meditation” and go downstairs for desired beverage. We think both scenarios are bad. The ideal solution would be some kind of a drink bar installed in our bathroom!

Yeah right, a mini fridge in the middle of a master bathroom. We have admit it sounds a little bit strange, but only in the beginning. When we actually think about it, we will see it is not a bad idea at all. In fact, we were so excited with this “having a beverage center in bathroom” idea that we asked people what they think about it. And here is what they said:

Drinking a beer in the same room where I empty my stomach first in the morning does not seem very attractive too my”. I do not know, maybe I’m just not that kind of a guy”, Noah (25)

I actually had a mini-fridge in my bathroom. It was when my mother-in-law came to us and stayed for a month. Drinking beer in a bathroom was the only safe zone in the house back then. So, I definitely vote for this solution. Especially in mother-in-law situations”, Mark (45)

This is one of the greatest ideas I heard lately. With beverage center besides me, I can completely enjoy in long bathing”, Marry (65).

It is interesting that an idea about having such bar in bathroom is more interesting to older population. We have to admit that we expected that youngsters will be more delighted with it, but we obviously were wrong. It is something that is closer to elders. And there are good reason for this. Fridges can be used not only for keeping alcoholic drinks and making parties in bathroom, but also for storing medicine. For example, people who take insulin regularly must keep it at low temperature all the time. And what is better place for this than bathroom.

Whatever we think about it, we have to admit that more and more people want to have such cooling devices in their master bathrooms. One of the leading fridge producers, Perlick, noticed this trend and went one step further. Beside fridges and undercounted coolers, tis producer have a whole line of products designed especially for bathrooms.

Selected Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

The ideas of people as to how they live and in what kind of surroundings are undergoing changes. For quite a while the design of bathrooms needed some changes to make them more practical and good looking. Designers are deviating from the traditional molds and coming up with new designs that are more functional, interesting and elegant, yet remaining easy to maintain. Changing times have caused these changes for better. So, if you are planning renovation of your existing bathroom or constructing a new one, here are new designs that you’ll find in the market. Choose from the latest design and take your bathroom to the next level of convenience and beauty.

Sinks and Vanities

Modern bathroom design ideas include lustrous wall-mounted accessories that can easily be adjusted to suit individual height and allow you to have more open space in the bathroom. These are used in conjunction with sleek vessel sinks and fascinating wall mounted faucets, which apart from offering easy maintenance also help you to reduce the required counter depth that usually allows you to increase the width of the room by about four inches without breaking any wall.

Bathtubs and Showers

Stand-alone bathtubs and shower stall units are other new features of modern designs for bathrooms. People are beginning to use bathrooms in a different manner these days. Modern designs create a partition between the shower and tub area, using stylish vanities or “Finishing” area leading to having luxurious “Soaking Rooms” thus providing free standing bathtubs and bigger “Toweling” area. Such designs house the shower in a separate “Steam Room”, which could include rain heads mounted in the ceiling andsteam heads mounted on the walls for the present day fast life style.


Another bathroom fixture that has undergone innovative designing is the toilet. Hat box toilets designed to have straight sides to facilitate cleaning are most sought after these days. The appealing commercial design is exploited for the bath, while urinals come with more ergonomic designs that reduce mess. Up-and-coming trends indicate that bathrooms that have a common sink area by the side of separate room for urinal and toilet are getting popular. Both, men and women are adopting these fixtures for the clear advantages, some practical and other luxurious, offered by them. These are more convenient and offer better hygiene and more privacy.

Design Trends

Emerging trends show an inclination towards designs that encourage shared sink or finishing areas, which though connected, do not form a part of private relieving or washing areas. People are looking for designs that help them to have their personal areas more functional, private and easier to keep and derive the maximum benefit and pleasure from their home. And, manufacturers like the American Standard and Kohler are helping them in that direction.

Most Innovative Bathroom Designs: From Simple to Extravagant

Your bathroom is a place you find yourselves in a couple of times a day. Regardless of whether you love to be in there for few hours or just few minutes, your bathroom is a necessity. These innovative bathrooms serve up several brilliant design ideas for those who are planning to redecorate or are simply dying for the future to get here sooner. The featured designs go from sci-fi and minimalist all the way to lavish. Most importantly, they all look amazing!

Futuristic Bathroom Design

Get ready to face the future – the Ondus Digitecture bathroom, designed in-house by Grohe AG, is the ultra-futuristic bathroom collection we have ever seen. The understanding of luxury completely changes, since this out-of-this-world set even includes a Champagne bucket and built-in vases & storage that help the transition of the bathroom from a practical space for shaving and bathing into a truly one-of-a-kind sanctuary for wellbeing. Grohe

Simple Elegant Bathroom Design

The Latis range of bathroom furniture by Omvivo blends stone, wood and solid surface. This collection includes a deep rectangular tub, undercut at one end. A simple wooden shelf nests in this space to complete the brick shaped volume. According to the designers, they named this range after the Celtic Goddess of Water. Clean & fresh, this bathroom is definitely a hygiene oasis. Omvivo

Lavish Bathroom Designs

Lock your doors because Twilight fever has hit bathroom décor. Shiny red & black dominate this lavish bath. The old-fashioned look perfectly matches unusual contemporary strokes in order to produce a signature result of amazing brilliance. The attention is unavoidably drawn to the sexy black bathtub that splashes a brand new feeling on exclusivity with the glamour and style. The lavish design is revealed with the brilliant walk-in shower too. This interesting fixture has a dark red curtain surrounding what seems to be a floating circular plate. Some other designs & colours are available in order to even more highlight the dramatic effect. Kaldewei

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Those who like simple bathroom décor usually go for organic and natural materials in order to add charm and life to design. The Leonardo line, designed by Franco Poli for Bigelli Marmi, perfectly combines simple decor with wonderful carved blocks of stone. Designer describes the funnel like shape as a “water vortex.” The vortex theme is repeated in almost all bathroom fixtures, from the lean basins all the way to the stand up tub and shower. All elements are carved out of one block of stone, and the colours available for the Leonardo line are those which are found in the Mother Nature. Bigelli Marmi

Extravagant Bathroom Design

Swarovski Crystal is the focal point for a couple of dazzling model bathrooms. Famous bathroom brand from Germany, Kludi and Swarovski collaborated to create extravagant bathrooms highlighted by crystalline appeal. This bathroom uses the crystal to work with tiny details and large space. The water and crystal blend to create art. Kludi

Purple and White Bathroom by Neopolis

A project of Neopolis, a well-known interior design studio from Slovakia, this purple & white modern bathroom design is tiled in a creative way, featuring wall arrangements and diamond shaped floor tiles that add a vibrant and rich tone to the bathroom. Since a lot of bathroom designs tend to keep the toilet and sink in close proximity, this design separates the two with a simple walk-in shower. The wash-area is in the form of a compact walnut wall-hung vanity unit. The toilet is wall mounted as well, quite small and conspicuous in an on-board tiled private space at the back of the bathroom. The walk-in shower is all glass on both sides featuring simple chrome profiles.

Under Stairs Bathroom Ideas

Under stairs bathroom actually makes sense. What’s more, what else could one possibly put in an area with such shallow depths and awkward ceilings?! A bathroom can’t be a bad idea for this otherwise odd space basically found in almost any 2-story house design. Mirrors, showers and sinks will be problematic; on the other hand toilets and tubs don’t require full standing height to work, because they can be sat on or lain in respectively. Small is a bit more acceptable for a bathroom than it would be for a living room or bedroom, because its uses tend to be short. With that in mind, there’re several ways to do it wrong as well; poor lighting will ruin any space and a tiny one all much more quickly.