Modern Antique Bathroom Restoration by Bo Reudler

Well known Dutch designer Bo Reudler and company were not so long ago invited to take part in an important restoration project in a nineteen century home near Holland Capital. They were asked to bring a touch of modern design flair to the antique bathroom interior whilst retaining some of the character and features of the original. Majority of contemporary bathrooms are shrines to sterility as well as convenience. However this design sought to bring the bathroom alive. Drawing heavily on natural forms, the copper pipes are left unfinished and exposed, to green with use and time along with the floral tile and copper sink details. Playing with classical interior features the ceiling’s cornicing gives the feel of water dripping upwards as the user kicks back in the modern antique bathroom.

Inspiring Bathroom Designs Showcase

Believe it or not the bathroom actually represents a lot more than just a place to maintain good hygiene. In case designed well it can and will provide you with a quite private place to relax from the stressful tension of the day. There’re several important elements to think about in designing a bathroom interior which right away mellows its company. Here are a several beautiful examples of what we thought were well done and amazingly inspiring designs to revitalize the body. Regardless of the décor style, aroma, temperature, lighting, texture and color are all key elements which create the beautiful warmth of any bathroom.

Cube & Dot Bathroom

Try to imagine this: You are inside the bathroom, and you are looking all around. Right away you notice all sorts of filth. Particularly in case you have just moved in and that last residents who lived there were from the ‘80s. You know what we really mean? Let us get to work, let us get it done beautifully with Cube&Dot. It is a matching washbasin, bathroom cabinets and ceramics. A one giant big system of enchanting squares, angle lines and circles! You’ve got some cabinets and the washbasin. You get that standard. Next you have got the modular ceramic tile system for the unusual walls. There are the sharp angles of the cubes one might perhaps have sort of seen before, (on the other hand, not this gorgeous before of course). Next, there are the dots. They will make your wall look like one big comic news page. Brilliant! Make sure you check out Cube&Dot online interactive tool – here everyone can design their own personal wall with the Cube&Dot ceramic mosaic tile collection.