Wall Lights by Joan Gaspar

The line of wall lamps from Joan Gaspar, featuring simple lines and traditional shapes which combine different rectangular structures with a curved opal glass combine beautifully in series. These bathroom wall lights are surprisingly practical because they easily adapt to almost any interior. They’re particularly recommended for master bathrooms.

Magnifying Mirror with Light by Joan Gaspar

This magnifying mirror with light from Joan Gaspar is approved for use in bathrooms. It can be positioned at basically any angle, due to socket joint and an integral ball. The light from its diffuser, a white opal glass globe, beautifully illuminates the perimeter of the mirror, creating a nice, relaxing ambiance. There’s a standard version with the opal glass globe, the light of the Espejito, an ideal partner to get a wonderful lighting in your bathroom.

Wall Lamp by Marset Team

This wall lamp is surprisingly functional. With a simple design, its clean halo lights without dazzling. At the same time its design matches beautifully with almost any bathroom decor. The screen-printed glass of the diffuser provides the light with a top quality, due to the halogen bulb inside.

Add a Touch of Style to the Bathroom with Sconces

Sconces really add wonderful ambient lighting to bathrooms. However, there are a few things one should keep in mind before installing them. When mounting them, the bottom of the sconce must hang about 60 inches from the floor. This is not an important rule and under certain circumstances it can fluctuate. It is important to consider before installing them on a wall is exactly where the eye level is in relation to the sconce’s bulb. No one actually wants to be looking right into the light bulb! For this reason for all of those who have a shorter or taller family, an important tip is to think twice just how high you hang the sconces. Usually, 60 inches from the bottom of the sconce to the floor is an optimum baseline. Below are some interesting examples. Hope you find them to be inspirational as we did!