Children Bathtub by BabyHome Design

The Gloob project by by BabyHome Design is a kids’ tub which perfectly fits modern bathrooms and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Mommies and daddies can use this bathtub for children as a standard bathtub or as a changing table. Also, they can go low and sit it on the floor or stand it on its pedestal. We especially like its design; however we are not quite sure about its stand – it seems unstable.

Hair Sink Strainer by Jongwoo Choi

The Crown Pop-up hair sink strainer by Jongwoo Choi has the exposed top end which stays clean and its tail end actually catches your hair & goop. Finally you can keep your sink drain clear of hair with this designer bathroom sink strainer. This easy to use bathroom must-have will keep your the drain unclogged and flowing all nice and smooth. It fits a variety of sinks. Best of all, clean up is so easy; just remove the trapped hair and rinse it.

Bathroom Accessories by Ceramica Flaminia

The FOLD collection of bathroom accessories is a project of Lorenzo Damiani for Ceramica Flaminia. This line includes hooks, towel holders, shelves and even a convenient brush holder. These designer bathroom accessories are characterized by a crushed design which transforms a defect into a powerful evocative element. Most importantly they are characterized by the fold of the mechanically bent chrome pipes. We especially like the simple yet convenient design.

Water Heater by Haier

Haier is a famous manufacturer of home appliances & electronics. A couple of models of water heaters were conceptualized in the Art Lebedev Studio. One model features an electronic and the other mechanical control panel, for the inner romantic soul and inner Star Track fan respectively. The mechanical panel is quite user-friendly. This dial is perfect for those thinking in ‘warm’ and ‘steaming hot’ terms instead of 98.7F. The electronic control panel interface features digital indicators of both the set and current temperatures therefore one can fine-tune it with perfect precision.