Towel Radiator by Atelier Cinier

Stylish, elegant and high end; these towel radiators by Atelier Cinier are manufactured out of Olycale stone featuring accessories of polished INOX. They represent a natural and eco-friendly solution for any bathroom. Their radiation at low temperatures offers a surprisingly pleasant, enveloping sense of warmth and comfort. The towel radiators can be found as electric or hot water version. Electric version features a programmable electronic thermostat to additionally decrease energy cost.

Towel Warmer Radiator by Aeon

A towel warmer radiator is definitely up there on our list of bathroom must-haves. The Bosporus ladder style radiators from Saffet Kalender for Aeon wrap you in a warm comfortable towel after your bath or shower. This way total relaxation is always within reach. This quite simple design is as cute to observe at as it is to touch. The contemporary, stainless steel rack features a 5-rung design which increases in depth from the base to the top, creating an airing shelf with a lot of storage space for a stack of folded or rolled towels. At the base, a pair of rails provides easy access as well as additional storage space. Cranking up the heat a notch or two, it’s an improved design with a back radiator for extra warmth.

Radiator by Alessandro Canepa

ETERNITY is a designer bathroom radiator with a beautiful circular shape reminiscent of an oval ring and represents a practical solution for any bathroom since it is a convenient towel warmer as well. Manufactured out of polished aluminum this radiator/towel warmer from Alessandro Canepa can be found in black and white as well.

Modern Towel Warmer by Antrax

Bring a modern design into your bathroom with this amazing modern towel warmer from Antrax. This piece is a work of Luca Gonzo and Dante O. Benini. Named Teso this sleek, slim rail can be easily mounted vertically or horizontally on almost any bathroom wall. There is nothing more beautiful than stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a cozy soft warm towel. This modern design really adds a hi-tech flair to your bathroom. Just hang it along or in pairs and make a true fashion statement while adding aesthetics and function to your everyday routine. This cool towel rack truly pops in traditional black or beautiful red.