Flush Ceiling Mounted Shower Head by Zazzeri

The Zazzeri’s Virgin flush ceiling mounted shower head is a project of Daniele Bedini. This designer takes a completely different approach to this fixture, which is an important part of everyday routine. As an alternative to a standard model which you can move around while showering, this shower head is embedded in the ceiling, so it looks like a real waterfall. This unique, bathroom waterfall want just offer homeowners with the water mix they prefer – flexible body sprays and built-in RGB LED lights make each shower more pleasurable. This designer shower head is made out of steel and Corian. It is available in several colours including gold, steel and black.

Best Modern Shower Heads: Stylish and Powerful

Let’s face it, there is nothing like a refreshing and revitalizing shower to start or end a day, and these shower heads are certainly the very best ones money can buy. From elegant wood showers all the way to funky music shower heads, taking a shower will definitely never be the same. Some provide a misty rainfall, and others steady stream or a relaxing pulsating massage. We especially like the rainfall shower head. That said, we are quite sure there’re people out there who prefer waterfall shower heads, especially given the popularity of this type of showers. Check these shower heads and let us know: Which one is your favorite?

Flipside Handshower by Kohler

Do you easily get bored? It appears that Kohler has the solution. This shower head, named the Flipside Handshower, features 4 types of water streams. And the shower head virtually flips around to different types of spray, making each shower a unique experience. A multi-setting shower head is a luxury that will definitely be appreciated. Kohler

Aqua Duetto by Jalco Mimics Nature

Providing its users with a couple of options to choose from, they can now choose from a waterfall or a natural rain shower. If you want to switch options, just pull it down in a single motion – it’s simple as that! This shower head perfectly matches any modern bathroom decor. Jalco Mimics Nature

Private Wellness Luxury Shower by Gessi

Anyone needs a hydro-massage system and a chromo-therapy? How’s that even possible?! The spray selections include atomization, rainfall and water blades. What’s more, shower heads can be combined with easily adjustable wall mounted mini showers and wall mounted spouts in order to create the perfect environment. Gessi

MP3 Shower Head by Bossini

You’ll probably never become an MTV star, but you can at least feel like one with the MP3 Shower Head by Bossini. Luckily, years and years without music while you shower are now behind you. Besides playing music, this shower adjusts water flow to a waterfall or wide rain. It’s made from stainless-steel and features a couple of built-in speakers. It even has a waterproof protection transmitter case to which one may connect his or her iPhone or iPod. Bossini

Terra Marique by Rare

Just think for a moment that you are right in the middle of a rainfall in the jungle. The Terra Marique makes its users feel like they have a beautiful canopy of branches over their head. A project of Mirhan Rovelli Manoukian it’s not at all traditionally designed. What’s more, this wooden shower head has an elegant, simple shape which will make you feel like you were visiting some sort of revitalizing spa. Rare

Shower Sink Combo by Roca

This shower sink combo by Roca is a cool, convenient solution that perfectly combines a sink and a shower in one compact package. Just perfect for space-limited bathrooms in modern urban apartments, it only takes up half the space of standard bathroom suites. On the other hand, this combo has double function. It is available as a corner or a central unit, featuring entrance positioned on right or left side to perfectly suit basically any bathroom. And on the inside there’s a convenient shower tray. There’s also a shower column featuring fixtures on the interior and a handy mirror on the outside.

Modern Plumbing Fixtures by Supergrif

With the Ora Ito plumbing series by Supergrif one does not need an internal decorator. Now everyone can bring a bathroom into the future with a couple of fixtures. These stylish and hi-tech showers and faucets with a style known as simplexity (minimalist, but maximalist) clean and subtle, eye-catching, but highly practical. These modern faucets with chrome finish have minimalist, beautiful designs and will match any simple and contemporary bathroom. Regardless of whether you choose a column or the wall mounted shower fixtures, a showerhead or slim hand-shower, in case you are enjoy a nice long bath and like the deck or wall mounted plumbing fixtures, this series with bathe you in luxury.

Shower Systems by Ceramica Flaminia

The Albero shower system is a project of Massimiliano Abati for Ceramica Flaminia. The designer has intentionally revolutionaries a common bathroom fixture into something quite atypical. The design of this fixture which reproduces the trunk of a tree and the green of the controls which reminds you of leaves, create a beautiful, interesting and so useful bathroom fixture. The shower tray is made from ceramic tiles that can be set in rectangular or square compositions of different dimensions. The shower can be put in basically any corner of the selected composition, and the designs in relief decorate your bathroom tiles and also ensure a non slip surface.