Granite Sinks by Adagio

Stone quarries have been the source of the civilization’s very best pieces of art for ages, and granite sinks are definitely among the most beautiful aspects in contemporary interior designs. Adagio, from Boca Raton, FL, have a really wide selection of extravagant crafted by hand sinks. Nothing but the highest-quality stone is used by their workshop, and a sophisticated manufacturing process creates a smooth satin finish that perfectly reflects light in a luminescence. A lot of these sinks have an onyx type quality, and others have a slightly more salt & pepper look about them. However, perhaps the most beautiful thing about these sinks is the masculinity.

Unique Sink Designs by LAGO

There’s something quite eye-catching about the retro-modern look of the Daniele Lago’s Lavabo Skin. It’s as if some sort of superman got really angry and took his anger out on the basin. Truly one-of-a-kind and attractive, this sink is a must-see. When we look at it we immediately think of a public WC. On the other hand, it would be just great for any contemporary bathroom too. Covered in mosaic, the sink’s aesthetic is bold and untamed. The Lavabo Sink can be found in a selection of different colors to perfectly your modern bath.

Modern Bathroom Basins by Omvivo

The KL modern bathroom basin by Omvivo makes a truly great focal point in basically any contemporary bathroom. It has a beautiful artistic quality about it, executed in quite cool way. This sink is not only modern, but abstract as well. We like it both for its practical properties and for its truly unique design. The solid surface basin is available in a wide range of fashionable colors. The design is really modern, a perfect complement to wood & glass, solid stone & tile. The KL basin is quite sleek and would look well in any modern bathroom.

Shower Sink Combo by Roca

This shower sink combo by Roca is a cool, convenient solution that perfectly combines a sink and a shower in one compact package. Just perfect for space-limited bathrooms in modern urban apartments, it only takes up half the space of standard bathroom suites. On the other hand, this combo has double function. It is available as a corner or a central unit, featuring entrance positioned on right or left side to perfectly suit basically any bathroom. And on the inside there’s a convenient shower tray. There’s also a shower column featuring fixtures on the interior and a handy mirror on the outside.

Modern Washbasins by Kerasan

The Inka washbasin collection is a project of Massimiliano Cicconi for Kerasan. Inka, as all the creations of the Massimiliano Cicconi, is the result of a brilliant and eclectic creativity that doesn’t overlook the functional aspect of the objects. Inka – design in its purest form. It opens up brand new perspectives for bathroom area design. It’s perfect for installation in basically any type of space, giving them a one-of-a-kind stylish look. We especially like it since it is great as an elegant bathroom solution where space is limited.