Sink with Mirror by Mastella Design

The Goccia sink with mirror is a project of Roberto Semprini for Mastella Design. Poetry, vanity and light-heartedness are words best describing this sink. It is characterized by a completely new design. With its distinctive design, this bathroom fixture is extremely stylish and sleek. The Goccia expresses the latest bathroom decor trends, not only because it looks amazing but because it’s expressing uniqueness.

Sink by A3Studio

This bathroom sink is a truly wonderful piece of contemporary bathroom design. The simple, light coloured wood frames a sink; and the sink folds into an angled front, made from reddish self rusting metal. An almost invisible slit between steel and along the back enables for water to drain away without a central pipe and overt drainage cover, producing a cool waterfall like effect; however, its stainless-steel knob & faucet fixture set hanging above seems far less integrated with the overall design. From a purely functional perspective, it’s not easy to say exactly what will happen with the rust as the time passes.

Sink Towel Holder by Kerasan

This washbasin and towel holder is a project of Marc Sadler for Kerasan. It’s a part of the Cento series of modern bathroom fixtures. The name Cento, meaning ‘100’, refers to the one-hundred millimeters height of the back panel, the fil-rouge in a selection of quite stately ceramic products produced ‘on time’ by Kerasan. This designer sink towel holder is a fine example of perfect blend of style and function.

Bathroom Ideas by Axa

This interesting bathroom idea is actually the Moss ceramic range by Axa. All units of the trio of bidet, sink and toilet have a slim, elongated linearity that’s quite popular. Taking the architectural stance even further, this collection includes extra flat lines of connecting pieces in order to unify this set by joining them beautifully together. This completely changes the bidet, sink and toilet from separate entities into one whole compact bathroom solution. Eye-catching and stylish, this creative solution works great with the wall mounted furniture. There’s some sci-fi and interesting about the overall design of these brilliant white ceramic units being redefined and made into something we have never witnessed before.

Basin by EX.T

The Egg basin by EX.T is made using traditional handmade techniques typical of Tuscan ceramics. It’s a basin to bench in glazed ceramic featuring a polished white finish inside and a matt ivory finish outside. The Egg isn’t only very eye-catching, but convenient as well due to its small size. EX.T truly understands the importance of saving bathroom space. Many people enjoy a modern theme to their bathroom. In case this is the case for you, the Egg is a great choice. This basin isn’t only made to last, but is quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well. Dimensions: 45 by 57 by 15 centimeters.