Modern Glazed Tiles by ModCraft

The ModCraft’s eye-catching, handmade, glazed bathroom tiles are the best way to spice up any bathroom in a stylish way. You will adore the valley tile glazed in amber. It’s very attractive and contemporary with a beautiful, glossy amber colour and a chic pattern & texture. What’s more, you do not need plenty of it to make a strong statement – using it as trim or only an accent wall would be great. Launched by industrial designer David Clark, tiles from ModCraft have made their way into many famous showrooms. They’re eco-friendly, using nothing but lead-free and nontoxic materials while recycling waste and donating leftover materials to local community artists.

Modern Porcelain Floor Tile by 14oraitaliana

The 14oraitaliana’s stylish porcelain floor tile is a true gem-stone. The Uonuon floor tiles are not only beautifully coloured, but patterned to. These tiles are designed with the works of 20th century legend Andy Warhol in mind. The illustration style wood grain patterns are available in several fantastic colour choices such as white & black (or is it the other way round) lime green, blue, and also a quite popular pastel pink version which is both stylish and timeless. The wood grain patterns instantly grab your attention and make a strong statement on the porcelain walls.

Designer Tiles by Alloy Design

Karim Rashid is a famous designer who never fails to amaze with his offbeat, very stylish designs. Not surprisingly, he has done it again with these funky decorative metal tiles. This amazing line is available in 8 decorative designs, each a variation of recurring cells, which merge into a psychedelic three-dimensional pattern on the bathroom walls – its a look which is sci-fi and “on-the-go” as light plays off the polished metal finish. It comes in raw steel, copper, brass, steel and titanium these Alloy Design’s tiles are very special. Perfect for not only indoor, but also for outdoor applications.

Modern Porcelain Tiles by Refin

For those who don’t like installing tiles, Refin has come up with a brand new concept. It’s a creative new thin porcelain tile named the Skin, a project of Michele De Lucchi which makes updating your bathroom a breeze. At only 4.5 millimeter thick, these tiles are so thin they can be installed over existing tiles without affecting your floor height, cutting a difficult 3-day job into a simple DIY job. These modern tiles feature the same quality and durability of standard thickness porcelain stoneware tiles. What’s more, they do not fall short on design either. These stoneware tiles can be found in several different sizes including 30×60, 60×60 and 60×120 centimeters in several colours.

Beautiful Tiles by Petra Antiqua

The Art is a beautiful tile collection by Petra Antiqua. We especially like its unique modern design with a rustic twist. The collection includes travertine tiles in a wide range of stylish finishes including violet & red for a more contemporary twist on an antique look, iron & silver, gold and copper, silver and iron. The 10×30, 10×60 and 10×90 centimeters tiles can be set in either horizontal or vertical arrangements, or in a combination of both for added visual interest. Each and every tile has a wonderful textural finish which is as amazing to touch as it is visually. This rustic, but sophisticated tile collection makes a perfect high-end addition to any bathroom.