How To Replace Your Faucets And Toilets

Tired of paying excessive amounts for run-of-the-mill plumbing services? We have a solution: Do your own plumbing! Here is how you can easily install your faucets and toilets with several basic tools.


It is quite easy to install a new sink faucet owing to flexible water supply hoses which connects the water supply pipe to this fixture. The hoses are reinforced with stainless steel mesh and at both ends they have threaded connections, so connecting the faucet to the supply hose is as easy as screwing these hoses together and tightening them with an adjustable wrench. In case you already have such flexible hose placed in your bathroom, upgrading your faucet usually takes less than 30 minutes. If, on the other hand, you have an old, copper-pipe installation, the job may require several hours.

Installing a shutoff valve which includes a threaded compression jointis the best way to connect your flexible supply line with copper piping. One end of the valve is threaded in order to accept the flexible water supply hose connected to the faucet, while the other slips over the end of a copper pipe and is tightened with a compression ring.So just simply slide this threaded compression nut onto the supply pipe before slipping on the compression ring. When tightening the nut, the edges of the ring will squeeze against the outer surface of the pipe and seal it without solder.


Most DIY enthusiast will have no trouble replacing a toilet if they are familiar with a few installation tricks. It takes only a couple of hours and a several wrenches to complete this task. First shut off the water supply valve to the existing toilet and then remove the water from thebowl and tank by flushing. After this,use a sponge to soak up the rest. Now undo the pipe connection at the back of the toilet and remove the two caps on the toilet base close to the floor. You’ll notice two nuts securing the toilet to bolts. If the nuts don’t unscrew with moderate force from a wrench, simply cut them off with a hand saw.Remove the old toilet and scrape the old wax ring off the flange, so the new ring fits properly.

Now take your new toilet. It has two pieces, but you’ll find the job easier if you temporarily put the tank aside. Flip the bowl upside down, then put a new wax ring in place, i.e. over the toilet exit port. Now flip the toilet upright, but don’t let the bottom touch the floor. Using flange bolts, carefully lower it onto the drain flange. Ensure that the toilet is leaning on the wax ring, not on the floor. Ideally,the ring should compress under the toilet’s weight, creating a solid seal. As the toilet is now placed on the wax ring, there should be a squishy feel when you rock it back and forth. If this is not the case, lift the toilet off one more time and examine the wax ring. If there is no evidence that the entire ring was in contact with the flange, you should apply another layer of wax. In order to fill a wider gap, press a second ring over the first one. If there is a narrow gap, slice the second ring in half lengthwise and push it into place before you lower the toilet down on the flange.

Olivia Still is a blogger, home improvement enthusiast, and online marketing consultant for a number of Australian companies. Currently closely collaborating with bathroom plumbers Sydney.

Toilet and Bidet by antoniolupi

The ABOL collection is designed by Oscar & Gabriele Buratti for antoniolupi. What makes this collection of sanitary fixtures so unique is its surprisingly clean design and smooth curves. It beautifully simple volumes result from a study of the alternations among structures; in other words, the outside radius of the toilet and bidet is not as inclined when compared to the inside one and it results an object with minimalist and eye-catching design. The dimensions are small in order to furnish not only space-limited bathrooms, but large ones too. This collection – which was designed to meet requirements of both interior designers and homeowners – joins the other models of toilets and bidets, enlarging the range of sanitary fixtures with a space-saving and modern collection.

Luxury Toilet by Let’s Crystal It

There’s definitely no lack of sophistications of bathroom fixtures that use Swarovski crystals and a lot of them end up being over the top. This extravagant Swarovski-crystals embellished toilet is no exception and is the height of whimsicality. The $25k toilet is made for those who are willing to pay a lot for, well let’s face it, something they don’t really need! Embedded with ten thousand crystals, it’s a proof that the whole world has gone mad. What’s more, the Let’s Crystal It employed 3 craftsmen for the job of encrusting the crystals and it took them almost two full days to embed it with crystals.

Water Saving Toilets by Jose Genovés

Jose Genovés designed the Natura, a toilet which adapts to male and female urination and defecation, lessening water usage by up to amazing sixty percent. The designer created it having in mind the fact that different kinds of waste require different amounts of water. For defecation, it increases the water consumption from 4.5l all the way to six to flush away stored toilet paper. For female urination, the urine is disposed through a separate environmentally-friendly siphon that uses just a 1/2l of water. For male urination, it provides a male urinal built-in into the design. The urinal disposes the urine with just a 1/2l of water, saving thirty percent of the water used by standard bathroom toilets for the very same purpose.

High Tank Toilet by The Water Monopoly

The High Tank Toilet by The Water Monopoly is a retrospective bathroom fitting from a long forgotten time. This nostalgic piece is just perfect for modern bathrooms with a funky twist. The High Tank Toilet features several cool details just waiting to be discovered. The decorative lavatory pan (shown below) is in traditional white & blue, featuring a beautiful display of blooms. A made by hand mahogany seat tops it, glowing with the warmth of wood that’s quite comfortable to sit on during those cold winter mornings. We especially like its chain pull, which is decorated to perfectly coordinate with the pan.