Hi Tech Toilets by Kohler

The new Numi hi-tech toilet by Kohler perfectly blends minimalism and sci-fi features. This truly one-of-a-kind toilet design features a motion activated lid with a front sensor – I mean come on, motion activated toilet lid?! That’s awesome! And this sensor raises the top when you enter your bathroom. But that’s not all; at floor-level, another sensor raises the toilet seat. Now that’s what I call a completely hands free experience. A magnetic docking station featuring touch screen panel lets its users control each and every function including heated feet and seat warmers, a bidet and on-board air dryer. There’s even a deodorizer which pulls funky air through its charcoal filter, illuminated panels (perfect for creating sexy bathroom ambiance). And believe it or not, this toilet plays music.

Modern Toilet Bowls by Geberit

The Monolith collection of modern toilet bowls by Geberit gives this rather taboo bathroom fixture some cool style. By hiding the unattractive cistern behind a super-stylish glass panel, this modern fixture gets a smart makeover and perfectly does away with the ugly aspects of standard toilet bowls. The glass comes in the traditional bathroom colours of white and black and a fresh mint colour to spice up your bathroom atmosphere. Elegant, beautifully designed and simple to install – the bowl can be easily connected to preexisting water supply and drainage connection – these fixtures are really cool.

Wall Mounted Toilet and Bidet by Simas

The Flow wall mounted bidet and toilet by Simas will look truly amazing in basically any modern bathroom, space-limited or spacious. A project of Terri Pecora, the beautiful squared off edges and minimalist lines are very stylish. It is not difficult to find out exactly why wall-mounted fixtures are becoming so popular nowadays – the elegant contemporary look is not only very hygienic, but also clutter free. This manufacturer is famous for highest-quality, attractive bathroom collections. And these are no exception!

Toilet and Bidet by Roca

For those of you have ever felt intimidated by minimalist white bathrooms, the Khroma collection by Vincent Gregoire for Roca is the perfect pick. A touch of fashionable colour to any modern bathroom to express your very own one-of-a-kind individuality! Based on research on the colour trends forecast by Nelly Rodi, the designer picked out 4 amazing colours for this collection. So pick from Passion Red, Street Grey, Oxygen Blue and Silver Grey. In case you like the unusual and clean design of this collection however, prefer it without the colour, it can be found in white as well. Not just attractive, these toilets and bidets have soft texture on the backrests and seats – just don’t get too comfortable.

Bathroom Ideas by Axa

This interesting bathroom idea is actually the Moss ceramic range by Axa. All units of the trio of bidet, sink and toilet have a slim, elongated linearity that’s quite popular. Taking the architectural stance even further, this collection includes extra flat lines of connecting pieces in order to unify this set by joining them beautifully together. This completely changes the bidet, sink and toilet from separate entities into one whole compact bathroom solution. Eye-catching and stylish, this creative solution works great with the wall mounted furniture. There’s some sci-fi and interesting about the overall design of these brilliant white ceramic units being redefined and made into something we have never witnessed before.