Copper Soaking Tub by Signature Hardware

Once it comes to the art of maintain body hygiene, the Japanese know really a lot about it. Pamper both the body & mind by recreating a home-spa-like ambiance the comfort of your own bathroom. To achieve absolute bliss, get lovely scented candles, high-end bath stuff and get a tub which will revitalize your body. The 35 inch Benton Square Copper Japanese Style Soaking bathtub seems much like the very best thing for self-pampering. The amazingly crafted copper soaking bathtub features tapered sides along with decorative detailing around its rim & base.

Oval Bathtub by BainUltra

The BainUltra’s Essencia Oval tub is designed with ultimate relaxation in mind – perfect for a complete revitalization! The freestanding bath is a great choice for homeowners who desire a higher sense of well-being as well as enhanced level of health. The Essencia is all about the user-friendliness. The manufacturer has designed it to instill a feeling of instant rejuvenation. The bathtub’s armrests, dual row of air jets and foot rest provide hydro-thermo massage and unparalleled comfort. It has an inverted V backrest and a built-in headrest to guarantee the best massage of both the spine and neck, and at the same time the raised seat maximizes the massage effect for your legs. With Chroma-, Sound- and Aroma-therapy this tub is a must have.

Space Saving Bathtub by Royo Group

The Keops Evolution Bathtub by Royo Group is a creative solution for space-limited bathrooms. Considering that a lot of people are living in small urban apartments, the chances of owning a home-spa is zero. Luckily, this manufacturer has the solution. It comes with a number of cool features including water- and air-jet massage, perfectly designed headrest and handles, subaquatic light and automatic drying circuit. There are some other home-spa-like features such as dynamic jet massage, ozone therapy, LED lights and aromatherapy. Measuring only 67 by 35 inches, the Keops Evolution Bathtub is small enough to accommodate one person at a time – you win some, you loose some.

Bathtub Shower Combo by Artweger

In case you cannot decide between a tub and a shower, then get the Artweger’s Twinline 2; it’s a bathtub shower combo. We all have had days where time is of the utmost importance and a quick revitalizing bath is what we wanted. Other days, we desired for some long “me” time and a nice soak is in order. With this bathtub shower combo, the option is always available to you. The design is not only unusual, but practical as well. Whether to perfectly suit your individual preference of the day, your family members’ different requirements, a space-limiter bathroom space or simply to accommodate independent bathing as we get older, Artweger’s tub/shower is the solution; all while giving your bath a home-spa-like quality.