Bathtub Cover by Duravit

Your tub should be a place to lie back & relax. And tub covers create fresh scope in your modern bathroom. The thing is that your tub is the largest single fixture inside your bathroom and takes up the most floor space. Sundeck can be easily closed by adding a padded lounging deck that acts as a surface for lying or sitting on; it’s a totally new use for your bathroom which has proven very popular and that usually acts as a surface on which to place makeup and towels. Duravit has developed this innovative concept and is introducing a cover for a whole range of other tubs – a great idea on its way to becoming widely accepted. Bathtub covering is made out of top-notch faux leather and comes in anthracite too.

Walk in Bathtub for Elderly by Senior Life

Due to manufacturers such as Senior Life and innovative solutions such as their modern walk in bathtubs for elderly, you can calmly approach your senior years without compromising the design of your bathroom. As people get older, their interior design requirements change; in other words, facilitating mobility and safety usually take precedence over design factors. These tubs are quite cool, and they satisfy all the requirements of those who have problems getting in and out of a standard bathtub. The seat inside features a special incline for standing without slipping as well as for easy sitting.

Clear Glass Tubs by Stern McCafferty

This clear glass tub by Stern McCafferty is one of the very best ones we have seen recently. A project of the Stern McCafferty (famous architecture company) it’s basically a quite simple bathtub. A piece of glass is used to build it, as the bathroom’s tiled walls complete the design. This bathtub is one-of-a-kind, since you end up with an aquarium inside the bathroom, but with one small difference – this one is not made for fish. And while you are at it, the Stern McCafferty’s clear glass tub will definitely not go so well with shy people. Of course, you could always lock the door and make the most of this unusual tub.

Mosaic Bathtubs by MosaicSweden

As you might have figured out already, mosaic tiles aren’t only for bathroom floors and walls – they are quite okay for tubs too. This claw foot mosaic tub by MosaicSweden is sure to grab plenty of attention. Mosaic tiles are attractive since they allow for such diverse artistic expression. Also, there is something really captivating about all those tiny little tiles side by side – creating a completely different effect when one stands back, as compared to up close. We especially like that this brand boldly splatters a tub with mosaics, completely transforming a traditional claw foot bathtub into a modern beauty.

Transparent Acrylic Tubs by Korra

Simulating a tranquilizing sea world, the Korra’s transparent blue acrylic tub will provide hours and hours of revitalization. Not just does this bathtub have an eye-catching and cool sci-fi shape, it is a massage bath too. Curved in all the right places to guarantee proper support of the whole body, this Korra’s bath promises to deliver the most relaxing bath you have ever had. It features built-in jets to massage the most beneficial positions on your body. It’s important to say that the layout of jets is designed with acupuncture points in mind. This bathtub is made from top notch, see-through acrylic board. The base is made from fiberglass.