Ceramic Bathtubs by Flaminia

A project of Flaminia, famous bathroom brand from Italy, this cool line of ceramic tubs come with a one-of-a-kind beautiful shelf that runs around the top of the bathtub. So it is possible to find a color to complement any bathroom design. The shelf adds a touch of style to wide plain looking tub, and it comes in zebrano wood & colorful lacquer in dark and light colors. The bathtub itself is sitting on a small base and has minimalist free-standing design. It is symmetrically curved at the ends and has an oval-shape. A couple of different kinds of faucets & taps can be used with this style of tubs; tub faucet connected to a standpipe or wall-mounted tub filler. They give an amazing look, with the standpipe slightly more appropriate solution to contemporary bathroom designs.

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