Crystal Bathtub by Baldi

A famous brand from Italy Baldi is well known for its use of expensive materials to produce most extravagant house luxuries like tubs, sinks, vases, lamps, and bowls. Today we bring you their Rock Crystal Bathtub. The amazing 3-person tub is carved out of one piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest, 8.2 feet in diameter. It took half a year to complete. This high-end tub is the 2nd to be made from the huge crystal block. The original was shown at Salone del Mobile back in 2008 and caught an eye of a wealthy Russian tycoon, who splurged over $850,000 for the bathtub. However, manufacturer has made one other model for the Harrods window, and is not replica of the original. Each is one-of-a-kind, even though both were sculpted with diamond cuts and left partially rough in order to expose the stunning beauty of the crystal. This tub-cum-bathroom sculpture adorns an ornate price tag of just over $790,000. We’ll have one, check please!

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