Eco Friendly Faucet by Han Chanhee

This eco friendly designer faucet is designed to minimize the water wastage. Its creator, Han Chanhee has been announced the winner of red dot design awards 2010. This faucet by the name SEESAW works like the up-and-down action of a seesaw. Created in such a way that when the soap dispenser is pushed down from the neutral position in order to release soap, the tap on the other side gets raised up and the water doesn’t flow down. It is calculated that about six liters per thirty seconds water gets wasted in the simple process of washing hands. Luckily, this piece is created with water saving in mind. The trendy intelligent faucet helps its users conserve water that otherwise goes down the drain while the user applies soap to his or her hands. It is a design for now. On the other hand, we would like to see it in our eco friendly bathrooms.

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