Eco Friendly WC by TOTO

This eco friendly WC is a project of TOTO. It provides a brand new method in WC hygiene and technology. Quite popular in Japan, with over 80 percent of households having one installed in the bathroom, this type of all-in-one bidet and toilet is fast becoming more and more popular in the US and Europe. Features you will find in this ‘green’ Washlet that are far from standard in traditional WCs, are a washlet spray, heated seat, electric raising seat, remote control and auto-flush activated by sensors. With this washlet there’s actually no more need for toilet paper. Therefore this is a huge step in making the bathroom more ‘green,’ Created to introduce the user to a much higher level of hygiene and comfort it uses an aerated, warm water to clean (such as a bidet), keeping the user clean and more hygienic when compared to traditional toilet paper. With all its interesting futuristic features, the Washlet guarantees a purifying, natural experience that’ll leave the user feeling refreshed and satisfied.

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