Eye-Catching Contemporary Concrete Tub by Rossi

The extraordinary contemporary concrete tub is designed by the famous Italian bathroom brand Glass Idromassaggio. It is considered to be an essential piece of bathroom furniture from an unpretentious material. On the other hand, it is a cult piece standing for perfection and relaxation as well.

Its simple shape, inspired by the ocean, a sea wave or a shell, almost ideally pictures a very complex and hard to grasp architectural philosophy of corrugation and fold. Its designer, Gigi Rossi, says the tub is modern and organic, high-end in a sandy tone of natural purity. Fixed on a wooden pedestal, this piece of art (we dare to say) is just perfect for a spa or perhaps a minimalist bathing area, completing the philosophy of good designer being in the details. It’s truly a different taste of Italian’s finest!

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