Futuristic Electronic Tub-E From Wild Terrain Designs

The interesting and eye-catching Bath Tub-E is the work of the Wild Terrain Designs. Let us analyze it. The letter ‘e’ stands for ‘electronic’. So it’s an electronic bathtub which seems to reflect the bathroom culture of the future many of us like to hope. A brilliant fusion of features, contemporary aesthetics and of course latest technology, this modern bathroom must-have represents a smart pick. One should not be tricked by the rather pedestrian bucket shape because the bathtub has been made to fit 2 adult people and is all about coziness. The dimensions are 1200 millimeters wide and 1200 millimeters high. It comes with a magnificent swirl staircase, in perforated stainless steel, which draws the attention and entices with its soothing curves. It can be found both in Copper and Stainless Steel, it also features an intelligent system which can be used to auto clean, auto fill, auto empty option, and can add numerous essential oils throughout the fill cycle!

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