Gold-Plated Toilet Brush

The Windisch ‘Rock Star’ commode cleaner is unquestionably the world’s most expensive toilet brush! For all of you rich guys and gals out there who wish to give your housekeeper time off while you take a vacation on your huge new boat, you will have to get the Windisch ‘Rock Star’ bowl cleaner before leaving port. Plated in twenty four (can you believe that) karat gold, the Windisch ‘Rock Star’ brush seems more like the type of bathroom necessity that would never have to be used by the head of the home. Sold through Pioneer Linens, it is possible to get one blinged-out toilet cleaner for only $575. p.s. If you see a designer behind this product then please, please, please give him a hug. Thank you on behalf of Bathrooms Design!

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