Hi Tech Bathroom Design by Ideal Standard

This hi tech bathroom design is a project of Ideal Standard. It features virtually everything one needs to enhance the well-being of the mind & body while enjoying all the latest benefits of space-age technology. A stunning futuristic bathroom called the Digital Bathroom is ideal for those who love high end gadgets and can not live without them. A lot of people would be lost without cell-phones, lap-tops and IPods. Luckily, it is possible to have them in the bathroom, completely blended into the design. It is possible to watch a favorite film from the comfort of the bathtub, or take an important phone call in the shower and listen to MTV videos while pampering yourself. Literary everything is controlled via convenient remote controls and touch-panels. Electronically controlled taps and flush operations are also included. What’s more, there’s a luxurious electronic weighing scale. The design is minimalist, with a contemporary free-standing tub, high end shower cubicle as well as wall-mounted sanitary-ware.

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