Modern Basin by Charlwood Design

The Spout Faucet Basin is just perfect for homeowners mad about motion sensor taps and hygiene. It is for those who prefer aesthetic appeal with a little bit of high-tech as well. Basically, the basin has a sensor activated mixer tap, with the temperature being set through a tiny dial. On the other hand, this dial will require the user to touch it for adjustment; however more importantly it encases the override button as well that pours out a steady stream of water. It is a project of Charlwood Design. All the mechanical parts are elegantly tucked out of sight in the internal cavity behind the basin, giving a quite elegant wall mounted unit. Adhering to the current requests, this unique basin can be made of cast ceramic as shown through to machined Corian. The fact that it is one less metallic mixer tap to polish and clean in the bathroom makes it all the more eye-catching! It’s worth mentioning that the Spout Faucet is a Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards Finalists.

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