Modern Bathroom Taps by Daniel Dobrogorsky

Step right into the future of bathroom taps! These elegant taps are known as Koolhaus – that is German, use your translation skills to discover what it actually means. These designer taps are meant to inspire eco-friendly people to conserve even more. On the other hand, they make your eyeballs sparkle, as well, right? Such a wonderful almost-surreal look to these brilliant taps! With these you are finally able to see the water consumption right away, right on the spot. And not just is it possible to see the water used by that tap, oh no! The Koolhaus tap features multiple flow rate instruments that one can install on other bathroom appliances. Each of these Koolhaus instruments then sends back collected data to the central tap, where it is possible to see the consumption through the tap screen. Cool! Let us not forget, the man behind this project is Daniel Dobrogorsky.





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