Most Luxurious and Most Comfortable Bathtubs

Nowadays, bathtubs are used for a lot more than just getting all nice and clean. The thing is that in case a quick wash was all you ever wanted, you would most likely opt for a spacious walk-in shower. But instead going through the routine motions, why not soak in these most luxurious and most comfortable modern tubs? The following bathtubs highlight a selection of models which were created to make each bath a special occasion, and not a routine part of our everyday cleansing. Bathrooms Design has featured many high-end designer tubs. Today we bring you five amazing bathtubs which ensure the best bathing experience ever.

Bathtub with Jacuzzi Jets

For those of you who like to relax and revitalize after a busy, hard day with a glass of vine in a high-end bathtub, the Aquapeutics computerized whirlpool is the answer. This tub has an LCD television set and plenty of jets – 6 small water jets, 5 adjustable massaging jets and fourteen whirlpool bubble bath jets. However this tub comes with a price tag of $3,000. But the ‘once-in-a-lifetime-experience’ does not stop at the LCD TV and number of jets – its computerized whirlpool has a 15mm teak wood board, underwater ambiance lamp and a handheld shower-head. Aquapeutics

Extra Large Bathtub

The Shore Bathtub, designed by HeyTeam Collective for Teuco, is a bathtub which can rise up and down in order to perfectly accommodate those with limited mobility. On the other hand, one does not have to have limited mobility or to be a senior to enjoy it. The thing is that there’re not a lot of Jacuzzi-style bathtubs on the market which can change their shape on demand. Teuco

Best Bathtub Ever

What’s unique about the BluBleu’s Hi-design Thais Art Tub is that it has plenty of book storage and can be easily customized in order to fit individual space limitations. Its convenient shelves are not strictly limited to your favorite reading – place shower gels and ornaments and create a unique bath. BluBleu

Award Winning Bathtub

This unique high-end Kaesch’s overflowing bathtub is a Red Dot Design award winner. This tub, a part of the Kaesch’s Overflow series, is designed with the Japanese tradition of pouring sake into the wooden Masu cup in mind. This bathtub puts its own spin on the luxurious in-floor bathtubs to make any bathroom reminiscent of a spa. Kaesch

Bubble Massage Bathtub

Made from cast iron this sci-fi high-end bathtub works by enveloping your body in a revitalizing pool of massaging bubbles. It comes with eighteen levels of adjustability, zones of control & chromo-therapy this tub features targeted jets with a 360° staggered air-jet design which improve your spa experience as it transcends your body & soul to a world of ultimate revitalization. Kohler

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