Oval Bathtub by BainUltra

The BainUltra’s Essencia Oval tub is designed with ultimate relaxation in mind – perfect for a complete revitalization! The freestanding bath is a great choice for homeowners who desire a higher sense of well-being as well as enhanced level of health. The Essencia is all about the user-friendliness. The manufacturer has designed it to instill a feeling of instant rejuvenation. The bathtub’s armrests, dual row of air jets and foot rest provide hydro-thermo massage and unparalleled comfort. It has an inverted V backrest and a built-in headrest to guarantee the best massage of both the spine and neck, and at the same time the raised seat maximizes the massage effect for your legs. With Chroma-, Sound- and Aroma-therapy this tub is a must have.

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