Remote Controlled Toilet by Phillipe Starck

Bathroom has evolved from being a place to perform daily hygienic procedures to an important place where we prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. And as the toilet is the vital part of each and every bathroom, it mustn’t remain neglected among sci-fi bathroom furniture. Well known designer Phillipe Starck has designed what no other designer has designed. His remote controlled toilet called the SensoWash, a new term for toilets and showers in collaboration with Duravit. The sci-fi toilet features a unique flat seat, slowly extending to the wall of the arc and silver toilet lid for a luxurious look. The toilet has amazing features, such as 3 different cleaning methods to pick from. Each user can save her or his desired settings, and there’s a splash-proof setting for kids as well. The other important features include clean nozzle automatic cleaning device and clean warm air for drying device. Stainless steel nozzles and toilet seat ring have antibacterial properties. What’s more, seat cover and the ring can be removed for cleaning purposes.

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