Sci Fi Bathtub by Mukomelov Studio

The Infinity tub has built-in computer and a remote control in order to customize each and every bath. We have reviewed some of the very best of sci-fi tubs on Bathrooms Design however this one outgrows the competition all with its infinite options. A project of Mukomelov Studio this sci-fi tub isn’t only made for a revitalizing water bath; it lets the user enjoy spa-like oil massages for aromatherapy using the mini-computer conveniently installed on the side panel. It allows the user to choose from several different modes, therapies, and pick favorite tunes. This tub is remote connected to the net and can be connected with a smart home system. Therefore it is possible to prepare the bath remotely. How cool is that?! This tub features a remote control as well. This cradle-shaped tub is made out of Duralight, the material kayaks are created of. The perforated holes on the surface of the bathtub seek to recreate the soft spa-like ambiance for a memorable bathing experience right in the comfort of your bathroom. The bathtub has virtually everything for a high-end bath!

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