Selected Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

The ideas of people as to how they live and in what kind of surroundings are undergoing changes. For quite a while the design of bathrooms needed some changes to make them more practical and good looking. Designers are deviating from the traditional molds and coming up with new designs that are more functional, interesting and elegant, yet remaining easy to maintain. Changing times have caused these changes for better. So, if you are planning renovation of your existing bathroom or constructing a new one, here are new designs that you’ll find in the market. Choose from the latest design and take your bathroom to the next level of convenience and beauty.

Sinks and Vanities

Modern bathroom design ideas include lustrous wall-mounted accessories that can easily be adjusted to suit individual height and allow you to have more open space in the bathroom. These are used in conjunction with sleek vessel sinks and fascinating wall mounted faucets, which apart from offering easy maintenance also help you to reduce the required counter depth that usually allows you to increase the width of the room by about four inches without breaking any wall.

Bathtubs and Showers

Stand-alone bathtubs and shower stall units are other new features of modern designs for bathrooms. People are beginning to use bathrooms in a different manner these days. Modern designs create a partition between the shower and tub area, using stylish vanities or “Finishing” area leading to having luxurious “Soaking Rooms” thus providing free standing bathtubs and bigger “Toweling” area. Such designs house the shower in a separate “Steam Room”, which could include rain heads mounted in the ceiling andsteam heads mounted on the walls for the present day fast life style.


Another bathroom fixture that has undergone innovative designing is the toilet. Hat box toilets designed to have straight sides to facilitate cleaning are most sought after these days. The appealing commercial design is exploited for the bath, while urinals come with more ergonomic designs that reduce mess. Up-and-coming trends indicate that bathrooms that have a common sink area by the side of separate room for urinal and toilet are getting popular. Both, men and women are adopting these fixtures for the clear advantages, some practical and other luxurious, offered by them. These are more convenient and offer better hygiene and more privacy.

Design Trends

Emerging trends show an inclination towards designs that encourage shared sink or finishing areas, which though connected, do not form a part of private relieving or washing areas. People are looking for designs that help them to have their personal areas more functional, private and easier to keep and derive the maximum benefit and pleasure from their home. And, manufacturers like the American Standard and Kohler are helping them in that direction.

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