Showers and Shower Heads by Visentin

Setting a whole new standard for both ergonomics and design, these wonderful shower heads and showers are truly amazing. Spider, Space, Icelight and Domolight shower are some of the most beautiful ones. If it is cool LED lighting you are after, the Domolight features a ceiling mounted large scale head, with a revitalizing rain-shower which is illuminated by the in-built LED lights. The Icelight shower is actually as stylish as it sounds. It comes as a wall or floor mounted column or just the head, the see-through structure is illuminated by in-built neon lights in a rainbow of colours. The Space shower is actually a big tile which can wall- or ceiling-mounted. It is available with a round or square head. Finally, the Spider shower has a one-of-a-kind design. This wall or ceiling mounted shower has flexible legs with jets which the user can angle as he or she prefers.

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