Most Innovative Bathroom Designs: From Simple to Extravagant

Your bathroom is a place you find yourselves in a couple of times a day. Regardless of whether you love to be in there for few hours or just few minutes, your bathroom is a necessity. These innovative bathrooms serve up several brilliant design ideas for those who are planning to redecorate or are simply dying for the future to get here sooner. The featured designs go from sci-fi and minimalist all the way to lavish. Most importantly, they all look amazing!

Futuristic Bathroom Design

Get ready to face the future – the Ondus Digitecture bathroom, designed in-house by Grohe AG, is the ultra-futuristic bathroom collection we have ever seen. The understanding of luxury completely changes, since this out-of-this-world set even includes a Champagne bucket and built-in vases & storage that help the transition of the bathroom from a practical space for shaving and bathing into a truly one-of-a-kind sanctuary for wellbeing. Grohe

Simple Elegant Bathroom Design

The Latis range of bathroom furniture by Omvivo blends stone, wood and solid surface. This collection includes a deep rectangular tub, undercut at one end. A simple wooden shelf nests in this space to complete the brick shaped volume. According to the designers, they named this range after the Celtic Goddess of Water. Clean & fresh, this bathroom is definitely a hygiene oasis. Omvivo

Lavish Bathroom Designs

Lock your doors because Twilight fever has hit bathroom décor. Shiny red & black dominate this lavish bath. The old-fashioned look perfectly matches unusual contemporary strokes in order to produce a signature result of amazing brilliance. The attention is unavoidably drawn to the sexy black bathtub that splashes a brand new feeling on exclusivity with the glamour and style. The lavish design is revealed with the brilliant walk-in shower too. This interesting fixture has a dark red curtain surrounding what seems to be a floating circular plate. Some other designs & colours are available in order to even more highlight the dramatic effect. Kaldewei

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Those who like simple bathroom décor usually go for organic and natural materials in order to add charm and life to design. The Leonardo line, designed by Franco Poli for Bigelli Marmi, perfectly combines simple decor with wonderful carved blocks of stone. Designer describes the funnel like shape as a “water vortex.” The vortex theme is repeated in almost all bathroom fixtures, from the lean basins all the way to the stand up tub and shower. All elements are carved out of one block of stone, and the colours available for the Leonardo line are those which are found in the Mother Nature. Bigelli Marmi

Extravagant Bathroom Design

Swarovski Crystal is the focal point for a couple of dazzling model bathrooms. Famous bathroom brand from Germany, Kludi and Swarovski collaborated to create extravagant bathrooms highlighted by crystalline appeal. This bathroom uses the crystal to work with tiny details and large space. The water and crystal blend to create art. Kludi

Bathrooms by Axor

Axor is famous for designing a wide range of bathroom fixtures from traditional to minimalist in appearance, however, probably of comparable value are the designs they create as potential bathroom spaces. Ordered from the most sci-fi to traditional, below are several of the most beautiful bathroom interior designs with sets of fixtures from sinks and faucets to bathtubs and toilets. They’re somehow simple and modern.

Bathrooms by Laufen

It’s actually not difficult at all to be misled by expensive stuff into thinking that your own bathroom will be as stylish, modern, uncluttered and beautiful as those shown in the picture-perfect catalog images. That disclaimer aside, on the other hand, here’re some inspirational photos of tile, toilet and bathtub designs combined with lighting layouts, sink and shower which show not just bathroom-specific decor ideas however more general solutions and options for expert and do-it-yourself redesign projects. A perfect combo of hard and soft and hard, indirect and direct, artificial and natural light will lend a sense of dynamism and completely transform to a bathroom usually much more private and enclosed when compared to majority. These bathroom designs from Laufen, a well-known brand from Swiss show the power of pitting smooth against textured, warm against cold, dark against light.