Digital Faucet

Digital Faucet by Jado

The E-Vision faucet from Jado features a sci-fi look and feel. It has an elegant touch panel which enables its users to control the water and also to customize the bath. This digital faucet even also enables users to program their own personalized bath settings. Picture this – a relaxing water flow, temperature & volume, each time and all with the simple touch of a button. This elegant, flat-panel display has a futuristic black face covered with glass, and matched by chrome hardware. Tub, sink and shower fixtures let its users coordinate their bathroom with a cool sci-fi edge.

Digital Faucet and Shower by Grohe

Seems like Grohe goes sci-fi with this cool new wireless control for the Rainshower Solo Digital shower and the Veris Digital bathroom faucet. This super-fancy fixture allows you to easily control water flow & temperature away from the faucet or from outside the shower, due to wireless technology, the control can be installed remotely. User-friendly, Thermostatic Digital Controller has an exterior dial to adjust water flow, pause & stop, illuminated colored ring which shows water temperature, and button controls for start. By connecting the control to a digital diverter, you can switch between up to 3 water outlets at a simple touch of a button.

Digital Faucet by Effisystem

The Digital Faucet is a project of Christopher Yang for Effisystem. It is a sci-fi faucet which can perk up the atmosphere of basically any bathroom with its beautiful color coordinated flow. The water color reflects the temperature – blue means its cold & warm red indicates a hot flow. This cool fixture has 4 touch-keys for easy navigation, replacing the standard lever. The Digital Faucet is available in an automatic shutdown version (eco-friendly & water saving model) and also has a time delay display for this purpose. If you are curious, it uses RGB LED lights to ‘illustrate’ temperature colors. We give it full five stars!