Modern Bathtub

Modern Bathtub by Antonio Lupi

The Wanda tub by Antonio Lupi, a well-known brand from Italy, features not only amazing style, but also function. A project of Federico Sandri + Daniel Debiasi, this amazing tub has truly modern lines – definitely designed with comfort in mind. The border encircles the bathtub and rises up at the back to form a backrest. This bathtub’s oversized interior offers plenty of room to lie down and revitalize. What’s more, there is plenty of room for a couple. Complemented with a classical-style floor-mounted faucet, the look is traditional. Test it with modern chrome hardware for a contemporary aesthetic. The glossy finish gives it a high-end look.

Modern Bathtub by Galassia

Elegant, beautiful lines with a modern appeal; that is the brand new Meg11 bathtub from Galassia. The tub is bowl-shaped however it is the small details which give it the artisan appeal. The look is handmade, right down to the slightly turned-out lip encircling the bathtub’s wonderfully undulating, asymmetrical edge. The freestanding Pietraluce tub has a flawless white finish that is sophisticated and calming to the touch and to the eye, just perfect for the home spa. Just sit back and relax in a revitalizing daily ritual, your bath. This tub is perfectly-suited to simple, sophisticated and elegant bathroom designs.

Modern Bathtub by Gabriel Boutin

This modern bathtub called the ‘Tub Waterfall’ is a superbly designed modern bathroom’s must-have. It is a project of Gabriel Boutin. It features no metallic protrusions but rather just a wonderfully designed and well placed waterfall-like opening which fills up the bathtub with water. The said bathtub is ideal for some soothing time out to revitalize, featuring a backrest in order to guarantee total comfort once bathing time comes. With ergonomically placed water control knobs towards the base of the tub, this one is sure to heighten the aesthetic appeal of modern bathrooms right through the roof.