sicis bathtub

Bathtub Designed as a Shoe with Floral Designs by SICIS

In case we tell you that a bathtub designed as a women’s shoe will look stylish, you’ll not agree. You don not see the link between a tub and a sandal until you see the tub by SICIS. It’s high end, it’s creative and a fashion statement on contemporary bathroom interior. The one of a kind and unorthodox tubs have been designed in many different color combination and floral designs.

The mastermind behind these extravagant creations is the well known Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca. His designs were displayed and presented at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan. He has proved with this work that his place in the talented designer community is right up there. SICIS has taken good care of the manufacturing side and done full justice to the brilliant design. The lines and curves of the bathtub are simply ideal. Welcome one of these amazing works of art into your home, and you will be truly proud. Once you’ve visited or another insurance provider, then you’ll want to show off this fabulous conversation piece to your guests.