The No More No Less Faucet by Jasper Hous

Today we are presenting you another user-eco-friendly modern bathroom solution which will help everyone save water (and thus hard earned cash) or at least manage to figure out just how much you’re actually wasting (or using). The man behind this innovative new project is Jasper Hous. While designing the No More No Less faucet Jasper had cooking process in mind. However you just have to agree that this stylish faucet can be used even for everyday washing (or perhaps even bathing). Anyway, it’s up to you to decide. The faucet comes with a very cool LCD screen for control (which is quite unique feature to faucets), temperature, and a 30 sec on time. The thirty second meter turns the faucet off 30 sec after the last use in order to assure low energy expenditure and also to ensure there is no flooding.

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