Unique Bathroom Furniture by Birex

Birex, company from Italy, is truly changing the way people design their bathrooms with its one-of-a-kind innovative line of Campus bathroom furniture. Regardless of whether you are the ‘cool blue’ or ‘cute in hot pink’ type, these bathroom suites offer sophistication for each and every preference. A simple design asks for the standard black and white mix. At the other end of the spectrum, the copper-leaf bathroom furniture matched by beautiful ornate, old-style mirror is dazzling and dramatic. No matter of your tastes, discriminating as they may be, you cannot deny the amazing, eye-catching finishes; the modern lines as well as rounded, smooth corners. The integrated Korakril countertops along with bathroom sink which bring ergonomics to these sci-fi vanities, accessories and cabinets. And depending on exactly how much or little you need, these matching modular furnishings let you custom-design your one-of-a-kind bathroom suite to perfectly match your space and your lifestyle.

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