Viktor Holders are for Toothbrushes and Razors – Sleek Bathroom Decor

These Kontextur Viktor Holders especially designed for razors and toothbrushes. As everyone knows, it is the little things that will set almost any bathroom apart from others. These simple yet elegant bathroom accessories can and will help home owners do exactly that. Enhance almost any bathroom décor with these razor and toothbrush holders for a more contemporary, stylish appearance. These are manufactured from black nickel. Truly defined, we have to admit. And when it comes to price of $55 each, we have to say that price is quite surprising as you simply do not see that many designer pieces of bathroom decor in that price range. These fun washroom necessities holders will keep bathroom space all nice and tidy (i.e. if you really use them for they purpose and not for fun), while keeping its modern outlook.

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