Wall Hung Bathroom Vanities by Stocco

Metamorfosi is a wonderful fun range of contemporary wall-hung bathroom vanity units from Stocco. Elegant wash basin units featuring decorative prints that are destined to bring almost any bathroom to life and add much more individuality and color to the bathroom design. The vanities found in the Metamorfosi collection come in several different styles such as floral, surf, butterflies, retro pixels and surf. This basically means that there’s a vanity unit that should appeal to all. The floral prints vanity units are just ideal for feminine bathroom designs. The more boyish designs featuring surf pattern and landscape print appeal to those planning to design a much more masculine bathroom. Just as with the most of contemporary wall-hung bathroom vanities designed over the last ten years by modern bathroom furniture producers, Metamorfosi uses minimalist forms and bold colors in order to design an elegant and simple theme.

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